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How does water pick-up work?

     Water is the tenant's responsibility. A water holding tank for the vehicle and a transfer pump with arctic grade hose is provided for use free of charge. Water self-serve pickup is available at locations including the Water Wagon and The Watering Hole.

How much heating oil can I expect to use through the winter?

     All our cabins are insulated using closed-cell sprayed-in soy/urethane foam. Our cabins have triple-pane windows and other features that enhance energy efficiency.  As such, they are far more energy efficient than typical cabins. Renters report using about 200 gallons of oil from October to March. Exactly how much oil you will use depends on how warm you like your cabin and how attentive you are to closing doors and windows. Renters usually top of their tank in the late fall, and again in Spring, depending on need. Since the heater is gravity fed, the tanks need to be at least one-quarter full to operate efficiently. Oil is usually cheaper when on an auto fill program with the supplier.

How much is electricity?

     Electricity is expensive in Alaska. Electric bills vary depending on personal use and the season. Summer is far less expensive due to our increased daylight. Winter bills can be higher because of increased use of lights, cooking, and vehicle plug-in.  But in general, bills range from less than $100 per month in summer to $200 or more in winter.

Are the outhouses nice?

     Yes! Outhouses are connected to a closed septic tank that is pumped out when full, at our expense. Septic tank deoderizer is provided at no charge. Outhouses are lighted and can be turned on and off from inside the cabin at the outhouse.

What is in the rental agreement contract?

     Specifics are detailed in the rental agreement. But in general, renter and landlord sign a legal contract, in which the renter agrees to pay their rent on time, be responsible for their utility bills (heating oil, water, electricity, internet, cable, phone etc.), take reasonable care of the property, and abide restrictions such as noise and illegal activity. Illegal activity (drugs, vandalism, theft, etc.) is grounds for immediate eviction. The landlord, in signing the agreement, agrees to maintain the property and conduct repairs, maintenance, snow removal, septic cleaning, and improvements as described in the agreement contract. A draft of the agreement is provided to prospective tenants before they commit to renting from us.

Is this a cabin farm?

     No, we do not stack a bunch of cabins close together on a small lot. Goldstream Cabins' Franklin Street consists of just three cabins nearly 2 acres, separated by woods that provide good privacy. The Richard Berry Cabin is located on an 8 acre lot where we also live in a separate home.

How do you treat renters?

     Goldstream Cabins, LLC, strives to provide a safe, maintained, private and secure living space, and to address your concerns and conduct needed repairs and maintenance promptly. At all times renters are treated with respect, politeness and professionalism. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, politics, sexual preferences. 

Do you provide references?

     You have the right to ask for references. We are happy to provide the names of past and current renters who give us their permission. 

Do I need 4x4 drive to get in an out? 

    You do not need four-wheel-drive to access our cabins. Driveways are plowed in winter and cabins are located near a main road. But, this being Alaska, we get numerous significant snow and ice storms, and roads become difficult. Four-wheel-drive, all-wheel drive, or at least front-wheel-drive, vehicles are advised. Snow plowing and hardpack removal are provided at no cost at our discretion.


Can I get Internet?  Is cable tv an option?  How is the cell phone reception?

    The Franklin cabins are located close to the ACS (Alaska Communications System) routing station, so access to high-speed internet is available. Cable TV is available via satelte provider.  Cell phone reception from all of the local providers is good as we are in line-of-sight to the transmitters on Ester Dome. A few years ago, reception was iffy, so we installed cell signal boosters in two of the Franklin cabins. These boosters are still available but are not usually needed as the cell transmitters are much better. Renters report getting 3-4 signal bars in the cabins. The Richard Berry Cabin, off Murphy Dome Rd., has a landline phone connection, and a cell signal booster. Cell and wireless internet reception in this cabin is excellent.

Where do I take my trash?

     We do not provide trash pickup. Residents must drop off their household garbage at a landfill Transfer Station. The closest transfer station is located on the way into town, on Farmer's Loop near the corner of University Ave and College Road.

Will you build a cabin for me?   

     While we build our own cabins, Goldstream Cabins, LLC, is not a construction company, and we do not build cabins for others. You may see photos of our cabins being used to promote construction and cabin businesses. These photos are being used without our permission and we do not endorse these businesses. If you are shopping around for a quality cabin builder, make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured; and have current contractor endorsements from the State of Alaska. Make sure you see their work and talk to their satisfied customers before you hire them. There are bad contractors in Fairbanks. Be careful!

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