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Kind words from our guests


     "If you are looking for a beautiful, clean place to call home in Fairbanks, I recommend Goldstream Cabins. Goldstream Cabins is among the best. Great construction, location, and landlord. You can't go wrong!" --Alex

     "Thanks for such a great place to call home these past five years! Many great memories. Thank you so much for being so attentive and wonderful as a landlord!" -Andrea 

     "A landlord like you is truly one-in-a-million, and I'd like to thank you for being so kind and attentive.Thanks for all that you do." - Dakota

     "In Alaska, renting is usually an adventure in terms of the property and the landlord. Goldstream Cabins are lovely. The washer/dryer (#3 cabin) and running water to the kitchen sink made dry living doable for me as a young professional who has to wear a suit to work most days. Doug is by far the best landlord I've encountered. He is responsive and helpful. With Goldstream Cabins you will have a safe, affordable, and beautiful cabin to live in while you enjoy the beautiful Goldstream Valley." -Mary

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