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     I usually receive 30 days notice when a renter decides to move. Notices of availability are posted to this website and Fairbanks Craigslist as soon as I know about them.

     All cabins are reserved for non-smokers who pass a free criminal and financial background checks.  We have a zero tolerance drug policy and no pets are allowed. A free rental application and signed rental agreement contract are required prior to becoming approved.  


What steps are involved to rent from Goldstream Cabins, LLC?

   1. When a cabin becomes available, contact us to express interest. Call or text at 907-388-4726. Email:

   2. We'll provide directions for you to drive by the cabin and the neighborhood. Please be aware and considerate of people living in the cabin. Please do not walk around the cabin or look into the windows. 

   3. If you like what you see on the outside, contact us to arrange an inside tour. If you wish to apply, we'll give you a free application form and a copy of the rental agreement contract. The rental agreement contract is provided so you can understand what will be expected of you should you become a renter; and what you can expect from Goldstream Cabins LLC. This is a copy of the agreement contract only--you do not need to sign it or agree to its terms until you are selected as a renter and you decide to rent the cabin. 

   4. Fill out and return the application. It usually takes a few days to process the application and to conduct various checks. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual preference, gender, or marital status. There is no charge to apply.

   5. Should you be selected as a renter, the official rental agreement contract will be provided for you to carefully read, sign, and return with any payments for damage/security/cleaning deposit, first month's rent, and heating oil reimbursement. Keys to the cabin will be provided once the contract is signed and payments are made. If the cabin is being reserved well ahead of the actual move-in time, the damage/security/cleaning deposit is usually enough to hold the cabin until move-in day.

What is in the rental agreement contract?

     Specifics are detailed in the rental agreement. In general, renter and landlord sign a legal contract in which the renter agrees to pay their rent on time; be responsible for their utility bills (heating oil, water, electricity, internet, cable, phone etc.); take reasonable care of the property; and abide by restrictions such as noise and illegal activity, for example. The agreement contract explains that illegal or unacceptable activity (drugs, excessive noise, vandalism, pets, etc.) and other violations of the rental agreement are grounds for eviction. The landlord, in signing the agreement contract, agrees to maintain the property and conduct repairs, maintenance, snow removal, and improvements as described in the agreement contract.


Our Landlord-Renter Philosophy 

     As renter, you have certain rights, such as a safe, maintained, and secure living space, and a responsive landlord who respects your privacy and addresses your concerns and conducts repairs and maintenance promptly. 

As landlord, we have the right to tenants who pay their rent and bills on time, take care of the property, and conduct themselves as responsible adults.


Our References:

     As a renter, you have the right to ask for references. We are happy to provide the names of past and current renters upon request, with consent of our references. 

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